Wild in the Whirlwind

I’ve been trying my best to get all of my old blog posts on one hosting site, and I’ve come to realize that I should probably just focus on the here and the now. If anyone has any questions about anything that they missed or that was on my instagram, please leave me a comment and I will do my best to answer you one-on-one.


In November I dedicated every Saturday to working on the Tiny House. The only Saturday we didn’t work was the one after Thanksgiving and that’s just because we worked Black Friday instead. But wow. We’ve gotten a lot accomplished in such a little time. We’re FINALLY almost done with the outside trim, soffit, facia, and vents.¬† Of course I say this now, and then Tony will remind me of 5 other things I’ve forgotten about.

Today the newest thing we added to our to-do list was gutters. We realized that the way the house was built/where it was built, that every time it rained… The water would go directly under the house. Which is BAD. The house’s metal frame is on cement blocks on top of very packed field dirt… so we do not want anymore mud than we can avoid.

I partially feel like I’m rambling today, but my mind has been in a whirlwind since deciding to work on the Tiny House every Friday/Saturday, going out on Katie Weeks Photo jobs, the holidays, ministry, getting engaged last Wednesday, and now planning a wedding and trying to finish the house in 5 months. All of this being done on a veryyyyy tight budget/schedule.

Stressed? Yes. A lot. So much. Hahaha!

But as Daddy says, “If you’re not on the edge, you’re not standing close enough.” Take that as you may, but I definitely like to keep busy and as long as I remain organized and persistent I usually do well getting my priorities accomplished. Nothing like pressure to make you not drag your feet.


This was my main focus today was to paint the trim, I had bought yesterday, with primer and try to get it dried before Asa needed it to put up on top of the facia.



The kind of primer I used is Kilz Complete and it is oil based because I wanted it to soak into the wood and seal everything from water. It’s EXTREMELY hard to get off of your skin, hair, clothes, phone, camera, etc… So definitely be careful with oil-based paint. The only thing I’ve used to remove it from my hands is a gasoline chainsaw mix that Daddy has around in his shop. You end up smelling like a garage. That is for sure.




Mama and Tony’s main focus today was fine tuning the door to get it to be level, trimming the door frame, and caulking the cracks and gaps to get everything dried-in.



No matter how many times I yell at him to stay off the ladders, he can’t resist himself. He out works all of us, honestly!


Any time you’re ever caulking, you need a rag and a bucket of water. That way you can keep everything nice and sealed and keep from smearing it everywhere.


Mama’s nails are always this color and they’re always perfect. I love it.



Here’s a few update of the front of the house/the inside of the house. Construction is messy, and thank the Lord for Mama. She is our OSHA. Haha!



This will eventually be a bathroom and will have the only wall put up underneath that loft.


This will be the living room.



Asa spent probably every bit of 2 hours on this ladder working on getting the trim just right.



I made him take a break.



He’s thrilled. Obviously.


I am wildly proud of my fianc√©. He has worked so hard today despite working an 11 hour shift at his electrician job. My hunny is cuuuuute and hard workin’. I love him. A lot.


Then Asa’s sister Danielle, her boyfriend Jordan, and their friend Shawn stopped by.


Here Daddy is talking wildly with his hands. Haha!


Their friend Shawn from Greenville.


99% positive Daddy is explaining to him who all lives on our hill and how we’re all related. Family history is important. Especially when you’re southern. Haha!


Tony’s framing the door in this photo.


And then we ended the work day at Shane’s. So good!

I literally have the greatest crew helping me with this house. I don’t know what I would do without my family.

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