Leveling the Trailer


Asa’s leveling the ground so we can put down cement blocks.



This is the hill the Tiny House will go up on.


We leveled the ground. *edit* Now we know digging a hole is a VERY bad idea. Water will collect in there and cause the dirt to sink. Also, those blocks should be put in with the most surface area covering the dirt. Not with the holes facing up. Hindsight.



Please notice he is playing his guitar with his gun muffs on. It is really that loud.

SO CRAZY THANKFUL FOR DADDY AND ASA. Me and Asa got everything set up for getting things leveled and then we tapped Daddy in to help us get things fine tuned. I’m crazy blessed to have such a great father and a very supportive boyfriend. I told them both that I wanted this up on the hill by Valentines Day and it’s only February 3rd! We accomplished WAY more than I planned to today and it ended with Daddy blasting on a guitar.

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