The First Demo Day!!


The first photo of the day. Clearing out the remains and breaking windows.

So here’s the basic run down of part one demo day. This post will mainly consist of photos. There’s truly not much advice to give about demolitions except: Be safe, work with a group, wear safety goggles, wear a mask if there’s mold, wear gloves, wear smart clothes, get a crowbar, and you must have a hammer. OH! And you need a killer playlist of tunes to listen to while you’re destroying everything in your path.


The lady to the right is my sister Tristan. She teaches guitar, mandolin, piano, and voice lessons. This back corner was her first office and where she started teaching music when she was 15.



And of course Mama and Jubi helped! Jubilee blew spit bubbles while Mama sorted through old papers and photographs.


Tristan helping and reppin’ our JGPM!




Jared taking out windows! Let it be noted that right after this picture was taken the window completely shattered in Jared’s face. He then wore safety goggles.



Some very old photos of my family’s many travels ministering and spreading the love of Jesus.


Jubi hanging in there. She was tired.


Daddy’ said, “I’m gonna use it again! Let me go get my ax!”


To which I said, “Hey! Look crazy!”


Jubi had the best day.


Jared and Daddy had a time getting the Heat/AC unit out, so Tristan did the celebratory pose!


The last photo of the day!

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