January: Emotional breakdowns & crying about the government.

Warning: This is a long post about something me and Jesus have been working through. It’s only purpose is to brag on Him and just how good of a Father He is.

So for those of y’all that read my posts and follow me on social media, I don’t know if you remember me complaining/stressing about how much my wisdom teeth removal surgery was costing me. I was really really frustrated because even with insurance it was over 2 grand out of my pocket. As a small business owner, that is a HUGE deal. It’s a big deal to most everyone, but especially to someone that doesn’t like to spend money that isn’t geared towards their business, journey, or dream. And it’s a big deal especially because my time is literally money. If I can’t work due to being sick or just flat out laziness, I can’t afford anything. Time is the ONLY asset you can not manufacture. And lets face it: this girl hates being away from the Katie Weeks Photo hustle.


EnterHere’s me hustling. Well.. Slightly a staged hustle. My dear friend, who is also a photographer/owner of her business Photography by Jess Wal, took a photo of me taking a photo of her family. Confusing? A little. But it’s a gift to have fellow photog-talented friends.a caption

Long story short: I paid it completely off within 3 months. I prayed. I tithed. And the Lord provided me photography work, the best clients, and the funds for everything to be completely taken care of.

Well a couple days ago, Daddy called me and told me that I had a letter from Atlanta Oral & Facial Surgery, so instantly I got my back up about it.

Here I am thinking, “Crap. I have to pay my taxes. I have to afford to live. I need a more reliable/spacious car. I really want to get this Tiny House project moving. This month I have made no profit. HOW AM I GOING TO SEND THEM MORE MONEY?!”

The month of January is one of THE hardest months for me financially. It’s the best month for me to get everything reorganized, learn a few things, and edit my portfolio. But it’s a hard month for me financially and emotionally because I hate being cold, and I truly think I struggle with seasonal sadness throughout winter. I worry about things that I shouldn’t, and I struggle with a lot of emotions from being cooped up inside. Which also translates to: I’ve had two mental and emotional breakdowns about taxes(One dreadfully public.. One pitifully private..), because getting in trouble or being accused by the government is definitely one of my biggest fears. Cause let’s face it, they usually always win. And even though I have an amazing accountant, I’m still crazy and I still worry.

2 days later I found the letter on my desk and decided to open it and just take care of business. Inside was a check for over a grand. Turns out I over-paid them, significantly. As soon as I opened the letter and saw that check I couldn’t help but feel so humbled and relieved by the fact that God is ALWAYS taking care of me. Even when I feel like He’s hanging me over hell on a rotten stick and feel terrified to trust Him. He is always working things out for His glory which ultimately benefits me as His child. He already blessed me once by providing the work to be able to pay everything off in 2015, and here He is in 2016 blessing me AGAIN during a VERY slow financial time.

With all this being said, I just want to encourage all my friends and fellow readers to trust God with EVERYTHING you’re struggling with. Finances, dreams, soulmates, drugs, abuse, lack of housing.. EVERYTHING. Especially to those that already believe in Him. It’s hard. It’s not for the faint of heart. It’s rarely ever a comfortable journey walking with Him, but He is the greatest love you will ever find.

And now I know you’re thinking, “This has nothing to do with her Tiny House. When are we going to see posts of the build process?! I’m exhausted with reading all these long drawn out stories.”

I felt like I needed to include this post in my blog because Jesus means more to me than anything. He’s the only reason for any of my success I’ve achieved so far in my life. He’s the source of my strength and joy. He sends me my photography work, which will pay for my Tiny House and my survival. He connects me with the right people when I need them and gives me wisdom every time I ask for it. I just have to make sure I’m listening and obeying.

He’s a good good Father.


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