My Snow Weekend

This weekend my family was supposed to go to Kentucky to give Christmas to the families of Hyden. We didn’t get to make it though, because it started snowing and we knew that if we did make it out of Georgia that Knoxville was going to become a major traveling safety issue. So we stayed home, and because it was snowing I didn’t get to work on our Tiny House. Asa and I did discuss different types of lighting that we wanted in the house though.

Honestly, I think it all ended up working out for the best. I know I needed to rest.

But I knew before the snow came down thick we NEEDED to make a grocery run. I had NO food in my house. The night before I finished off all my hamburger chip pickles and I drank all my cokes. I needed to buy food.

Plus, Asa eats a lot. Which is not a bad thing, but it can be if you have zero food in your house, it’s cold, and you’re known for getting hangry. Two hangry people together in a tiny/small house is NEVER a good idea. Especially because I eat a lot too.

So we went to Kroger and bought cokes, and supplies for Asa to make a soup. We bought beef broth, cajun andouille sausage, onions, garlic, and potatoes. And let me tell you, it was SO good.

Oh. And we bought biscuits. That we ended up fighting over.

Below in the gallery you will notice the photos where me and Asa are kissing. Well after that was taken I walked into the house to find the biscuits I had left Asa in charge of. They were sitting on top of the stove, the oven off, and 9 out of 10 were sitting in the pan. And then I realized, THEY WERE NOT DONE COOKING.

I specifically told Asa, “Hey. So I’m going outside to take a picture of the front of the house. Can you check these biscuits when the timer goes off? You’ll need to add a few minutes to them. I put butter on top of them, so they will take longer to make.” And then Asa replies, “Yeah. Okay.” And continues to watch Arrested Development.

So…. You can imagine my bafflement about the situation. Asa wasn’t listening to what I asked him. He turned the oven off. The biscuits were clearly NOT done… AND HE ATE ONE. And he STILL claimed that he didn’t know they weren’t done. It was mushy from the dough being raw. It was very evident they were not completed.

And then I was mad because he didn’t wait on me for supper. I was SO excited about sitting down with him and eating a meal that we had created together at the same time. And he tells me, “Well. I just wanted a snack.”

Y’all. Sometimes he kills me. A snack? A snack?! We were literally about to sit down and say the blessing and dig in together. I was coming back inside to eat in 5 minutes. He couldn’t wait 5 minutes? He couldn’t wait for the biscuit to RISE!?

So we ended up fighting. He ended up going outside to fidget with his car. He told me he was doing something that sounded like it could have waited, but I think he was just ready to be away from me. And so I yell back, “WELL, I’M GONNA EAT!” And THEN the power went out. So I was alone. Sitting in the dark. Eating the soup Asa had made us. Alone.

I was so upset. And so sad. I was sad that I had gotten that upset. I was sad that it had hurt my feelings that bad, when really in the big picture biscuits are NOT worth fighting over.

So Asa notices the power went out, and he comes inside. At first I’m still smad, but eventually we make up and all is well. At the same time we tell each other we’re sorry. I’m sorry for being an idiot and getting so upset over only a biscuit, and he tells me he’s sorry for not waiting on me to eat. I’m really glad that we’ve learned how to fight, and we’ve learned how to make up. And everyday we’re learning more and more. Still not perfect, but I look forward learning more about him in the future.

I will not ever trust him again with the biscuits though. Hahah! Seriously. I’m not 100% over it, but I’m mostly just confused. How do you eat a biscuit and not realize it’s not done!?

I love it when it snows though because I always get my camera out and go exploring with my cousins. So after a long day of staying in and cuddling with Asa on the couch, eating popcorn, waiting for his soup creation to finish in the crockpot, watching Arrested Development, and fighting over biscuits… I texted my cousin, Levi, to ask him if he was home. Five minutes later he came with my uncle, Henry, and they picked us up in their side by side. We went exploring and then we went back to his house and my Aunt Susan gave us meatball subs and we watched house hunting shows and a movie. The meatball subs were SO tasty and yes, I ate supper TWICE that day. It was a good day.

Below is a gallery of Day 1 photos. Hover over the photos with your mouse to view the captions.



Day 2, I slept in and woke up to my Aunt Fay calling me telling me to get out of bed. That her, Cammy, and Mama were on the hill making a snow woman. So after I tell her that I’m not coming, I grab my camera and I get Asa and we run outside to join in on the festivities. We sled and sled, and then after we were almost frozen, we walked up to visit my Nanny.


Then we went to visit Tristan, Jared, and Jubilee at their new house to see what it looked like there, and to see the construction updates. Their house is where Asa and I will be getting married so we will be having an intimate ceremony. It will be a HUGE money saver to plan it this way, and I’m just excited for it to be a laid back homey day. All I REALLY want is to just get married. Nothing fancy. Nothing wild. Just a relaxing gathering with my tribe, good food, and then later some fun dancing.

I love their new place though. And in the snow it’s even more stunning. Here’s their gallery!

Then we went back to my parent’s apartment and ate delicious potato soup before Asa went home and I worked on Part 2 and went to bed.

Day 3

Today. This morning I woke up and my scalp was HURTING. My hair was so crazy dirty, so I went to my parent’s apartment to take a shower. (Btw, if anyone knows of a great clarifying shampoo, PLEASE let me know. I’m currently on the hunt!) After my shower I went to lunch with Asa and his parents.


After lunch we went thrifting and I found two shirts that I liked and an afghan. I’m currently collecting afghans, crocheted tablecloths, and doilies for our wedding… So I was very excited about finding this beautiful afghan for $1.75.

Then Asa and I went to the grocery story and I bought pickles and two bags of chips. I ate the pickles as soon as we made it to the car, and then we went back to his house and hung out with his parents until Asa needed to go to bed. He gets up wildly early, so his bedtime is early.

Darnea and I were watching Cheapest Weddings on Netlfix. I’m a huge bargain hunter and I get so curious about how other people do things(that is why I ask so many questions. I’m genuinely interested in knowing more about people) and so is Darnea, so we were both totally into it. And then Herb and Asa gathered around and we all watched it for about 2 hours. It was a lot of fun! And I’m so thankful that they’re 100% all in. I think it’s really cool.

But anyways, I just wanted to make an in-between post and share about my snow-filled weekend. How did you spend your weekend?? Indoors or adventuring?? Let me know in the comments!

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